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Rolled up, on rice….or not, any which way you eat it, Sushi is YUM! But we betcha didn’t know…

Sushi Fun Facts:

Popular belief is that the word “sushi” refers to raw fish, but it actually refers to rice that has been seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and salt.

In Japan,…

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Mascotas con curiosos pelajes » Curiosidades :: Las mejores fotos, cachondeo, curiosidades, humor fresco, todo en Ziza.eS
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Cook for a group and maintain your sanity.

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14 of the most striking crater lakes on Earth
While a few of these natural wonders formed as a result of meteors raining down through our atmosphere, many more were skillfully crafted by the volcanic hands of our own Mother Earth. From the active hotspots of Iceland and Indonesia to the now-extinct volcanic relics of millennia long past, these dramatic depressions provide an invaluable peek into the geological history of our planet.

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